BACKFLASH contextualizes a past piece, project, or work.

December 2016:
It’s 2003. Life traipses on through the invasion of Iraq, whistles past Guantanamo, tips its hat to Cheney and Sharon and politely steps over the ticket stubs to corporate payday. 
Back then it seemed things couldn’t possibly get more corrupt, imperialistic, propagandistic, deadly, deathly & sick.
It was only the beginning it seems. Now it’s Chapter Two.


Much Love to Everyone.



Palsied Grace 

We tell no secrets
There are no keepers
The good folks on the island keep the doors
Unlocked at night
The prisoners guard themselves
We all sleep tight
Our freedom’s burden
Our burden is freed by choice we choose none
Now all is right.
We keep the secrets
We are the reapers
The poor folks get their doors
Removed at night
A prison within themselves
We’re all upstanding
One freedom is learning
No freedom is given here
By choice or right.