Recent Solo Performances:

22.06 –  solo & duo with nic collins, ausland berlin
29.03 – “valve strategies” @ noisexistance festival, kampnagel, hamburg
31.10 – “oink” @ zentrale gallery, vienna
20.10 – “oink” @ trouble in the east, panda theatre, berlin
23.09 – “valve strategies” @ 20th biennale of contemporary music, bremen
19.08 – “valve strategies” @ flux festival, spektrum berlin
13.06 – “oink” @ wild sonico, hosek contemporary gallery, berlin
29.05 –  solo & duo with dirar kalash @ not silent #2 solidarity concert, berlin
16.03 – “oink” @ bruissonnantes festival, nantes, fr
24.02 – “oink” premiere @ sonar festival, munich, d
10.11 – “imaginary being” & “the mouth…” @ galerie mario mazzoli, berlin
26.10 – “the mouth…” at ‘idiotie und widerstand’ @ sophiensaele, berlin
08.10 – “imaginary being” and “the mouth…” at city of women festival, ljulbjana, sl
22.08 – “the mouth is a dirty whole” @ hypernatural sounds, liebig12, berlin


Recent Solo Pieces/Works:

Excerpt from “VALVE STRATEGIES”:

Quadraphonic Solo Composition — 35 minutes
Live Excerpt from Noisexistance Festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg — 29 March 2019
Utilizing self-designed Quadraphonic Trumpet, electronics and voice. Mapping the instrumental architecture onto the performance space; investigating the venn diagrams of spatialization and song-structure; singing, signals, noise.

Excerpt from “OINK”:

About OINK: 
OINK is a sonic taxonomy – a piece about animals and the sounds that make them, about sounds and the languages that make them, about languages and the animals that make them.  A solo for trumpet, voice, and wild beasts.  Cast of Animals in this excerpt (performed live) include:  Frinja, Binjo, Penjifur, Franjinoo, Frinjo, Tronjo. 

For Trumpet, Piano and Sine Waves

The Mouth Is A Dirty Whole:
Instrument-mouth plays Mouth-instrument  — Moan, Lurch, Wheeeze, Sigh…


Feedback Hands:
Hands cupped and cupping: one as ear, the other mouth, (de)coupling.


Imaginary Being:
Imaginary Being is a taxonomy of the contemplative and absurd as evoked through animal mediums: beasts roaming in a room, ruminating on onomatopeia and universal language.

Radical Objects:
Implo/Explo of the Trumpet, Mouth Resonator, Supply-side Bell Economics.


Quadraphonic Trumpet:
Finger-Valves direct the Air-Flow Traffic – all Cardinal Points Directive.