Upcoming Releases

 —The Elks – ‘This Is Not The Ant’
    Mikroton Records – CD

Just Released 2017!!!

Sven-Åke Johansson
    ‘Blue for a Moment’
    6 LP Box Set – NI VU NI CONNU
The Elks – ‘Bat English’
    Limited Edition Tape Release
Splitter Orch./Felix Kubin
    Gagarin Records – Split LP

Releases 2016

Splitter Orchester
    Creative Construction Set
    By George Lewis – Mikroton CD

Releases 2015

Le Flange du Mal – LP
    Carrion, My Wayward Son
     Resipiscent / Chmafu Records
Blage 3 – Mikroton- CD

Releases 2014

Mensch Mensch Mensch
     Alt-Vinyl Records – LP
Solo – ‘Strategies for Failure’
     Resipiscent Records- LP
Bogan Ghost – ‘Zerfall’
     Relative Pitch – CD

Discography of previous releases on its way.

Thanks for your patience.