Ganzfeld is Sukandar Kartadinata and Liz Allbee. Together they comprise a mobile audio spatialization unit featuring hacked & self-built quadraphonic trumpet & quintaphonic bass guitar.

They radiate these instrumental voices into space through the use of their homemade dispersive audio system - consisting of wireless, luminescent adhesive transducer speakers with built-in multi-channel radio recievers.

The duo aims to activate the unique resonant architectures and surfaces of each performance/installational space - windows, doors, stairs, walls, chairs, vents, vans, buses, boxes, insides, outsides, ups and downs - creating a full-field, immersive and musically moving sonic environment.

May to Oct. 2016:

May 27 2016:

February 25 2016:

February 2016:

Summer 2015:

Oct 30 2014:

July 2 2014:

Installation - Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijon, ES

Opening Performance - Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijon, ES

Performance - MoisMulti Festival, Quebec, CA

Artists-in-Residence - AVATAR Center for the Arts, Quebec, CA

ENCAC Grant Recipients (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation)

Performance - Umlaut Festival, ausland, Berlin, D

Performance - NK Presents, NK, Berlin, D